Texas Agriculture Code
Sec. § 102.169

The attorney general or a district or county attorney on the attorneys own initiative may, or in response to a complaint shall, investigate violations of this subchapter. If the attorney believes that a violation has occurred, the attorney may sue in the name of the state for an injunction against a person who:


is violating a provision of a marketing agreement, a license, or an order or rule of the department to which the person is subject; or


engages in transactions mentioned in and regulated by a license during suspension or after revocation of the persons license.
Acts 1981, 67th Leg., p. 1273, ch. 388, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1981.
Sec. 102.170. ATTORNEYS FEES; VENUE; CUMULATIVE REMEDIES. (a) In an action brought under Section 102.168 or 102.169 of this code, the judgment, if in favor of the plaintiff, shall provide that the defendant pay to the plaintiff a reasonable attorneys fee and all costs of suit. An action under those sections may be brought in the county where the defendant resides or where the act, omission, or part of the act or omission occurred.


The remedies and penalties of this subchapter are cumulative and action or prosecution under a section of this subchapter does not prohibit action or prosecution under another section of this subchapter or any other civil or criminal law.
Acts 1981, 67th Leg., p. 1274, ch. 388, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1981.
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